Revenge of the Sith: Hiring?

Hondo looked at the boy intrigued. "Never had one so, young volunteer, to join a pirate gang." Actually, he did but he was using young in terms of innocence. "I can show you things to help you survive in this cruel new universe, especially for Jedis. But like I told Ahsoka I am retiring as long as the Empire is around. Can't run a successful pirate gang if the Empire is going to kill all your best and worst people. Not to those beautiful ships." Hondo actually seemed more upset about the ships than the people he lost.

"The offer to teach applies to you as well Miss Offee. But I got a sense from Ahsoka's animosity towards you that you might need less teaching. I have never seen Ahsoka that angry before unless you count the time when I tried to steal some Kyber crystals from a ship full of younglings and her. She was a real spitfire that day."

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