Revenge of the Sith: Double Crossing a Hutt bad for your life

Ahsoka was more than a little shocked when someone used the Force to rip the landing gear off. She knew it wasn't Vader, she would have recognized him.

Rex offered up a distraction. "Jaek buddy I didn't know you had it in you to be that fucking stupid. Pissing off the Hutts sure they are slimy and gross but they are extremely powerful in the underworld. When this gets back Grakkus's family there isn't a bounty hunter alive who wouldn't take up the reward to bring you in dead or alive."

While Rex was distracting everyone Ahsoka reached out with the Force and activated her communicator over and over again using a code the droids knew. The canon on top of the Siren activated and began firing on the Troopers. Once the firing started Rex shot Jaek in the head, on stun setting but should provide him with a brutal headache when he woke up. Ahsoka pulled out her borrowed lightsabers and began deflecting blaster fire back at the troopers. She kept an eye out for the Sith bastard. Rex began firing on the Troopers as well but he was no longer using the stun setting.

Ahsoka spoke softly. "Altus use the Force to raise the Siren up so we can get back in. Rex and I will cover you." Ahsoka moved in front of Altus.

Ahsoka started yelling at the Sith. "Sith! Kill me and I guarantee you Vader will eviscerate you for it. He will want to personally kill me or turn me." She kind of hoped it was the latter it might mean there was still something of the old Anakin inside him. Which would be something she could work with.

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