Revenge of the Sith: Escape

Carn wasted no time in acting once Ahsoka activated the ship's defenses, drawing his blaster with his right hand he began shooting off bolts at several targets while his left activated his lightsaber to deflect incoming fire. Luckily it would seem that the Hutt soldiers were not fond of the imperials either and began joining in on The fray. Upon hearing ahsoka's orders to lift the ship up he went towards it closing his eyes and raising his hands.

"remember what Master Yoda said when you were a Padawan, size and weight doesn't matter in the force" He thought to himself as he opened himself to the force, while slow at first the ship began to rise high enough for the ramp to lower.

Barriss looked away in shame from the two before " let's just say Mustafar will freeze over before she trusts me again without Altus vouching for me let alone forgives me but for now focus on Kanan he'll need those skills more than anyone."

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