Revenge of the Sith: My home

"I am Grakkus Jahibakti Tingi and this is my home and no one moves me from it!" With the leader distracted from Ahsoka's cut, Grakkus charged over and knocked the saber from his hands. He wrapped his strong arms around him. "Go...consider the ship and everything in it a parting gift and my apology for what my former majordomo has done."

He retreated a few steps and squeezed the captive harder. "I can crush your commander with a single squeeze. Stop firing and let this ship pass and then we can come to some sort of arrangement!" Grakkus didn't wait for a response, he just started squeezing.

Rakesh felt things going dark...

No stormtrooper trusted their aim enough to take out the Hutt and not hit their commander. Everyone stopped firing.

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