Revenge of the Sith: Escape

Rex climbed aboard the Siren first. Ahsoka grabbed the Inquisitor's lightsaber with the Force. "Grakkus I suggest you kill him before he kills you with the Force. I am sorry for not trusting you." She climbed on board. She began pushing against the ground. "Altus get aboard. Droids get this ship flying now! Rex open the cargo loading doors in the back."

The moment Altus was on board. Ahsoka ran to the back and grabbed the landing gear and pulled it on board then the cannon that was ripped off. The Siren flew towards a planet where they could make repairs. During the flight, she examined the lightsaber she took from the Sith. She activated it. She showed it off to Altus. "Interesting new design the Sith has."

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