Revenge of the Sith: Eye opener

"Anakin is Vader that's something I definitely wasn't expecting, he always was the talk of the temple when I was still part of the order something involving about the prophecy of the chosen one of course everyone was always split on whether or not the prophecy was real" Altus spoke as he put the finishing touches on the repaired weapons.

"This could be a good thing though if palpatine is looking to keep Ahsoka alive it means that his hold on Anakin isn't as strong as he wants people to believe most of the time people fall to the dark side it's either for power or fear and Anakin never struck me as the dictator type. That also explains the relics of Ahsoka was looking for in the temple if she could bring Anakin back to the light side and we'd have an actual shot of overthrowing the emperor. If we're going to have a hope at doing that though we're going to need more allies than just the five of us."

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