Revenge of the Sith: Ahsoka's Fate

"I heard of that prophecy and that is it. Whatever the prophecy is, I doubt it is Anakin. From what Ahsoka's told me, Anakin has a family. Wife and twins. She didn't tell me who. I suspect fear for his family was his downfall. Could be Palpatine wants Ahsoka alive to force Anakin to kill her. The last link to his Jedi past. Anakin already killed his master. Then there was that Sith we just escaped. Could be he wants to turn her and other Jedi to the Dark Side like him. Whatever the reason it is impossible to know without capturing the Emperor, which will be impossible at the moment, or getting captured ourselves, which is not an option. Whatever we do next we need to get the others to regroup and plan our next steps carefully." There was one thing on Rex's mind at the moment, his training didn't prepare him for this. Which gave him an idea, rather an inkling of an idea. One that brought a smile to his wartorn face.

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