Introducing Cari Kerra

Nala Se led the Jedi and Rex to a central chamber. "Inside is Prime Minister of Bora Vio and the unofficial mayor of New Tipoca City, Cari Kerra. Cari Kerra used to be the Deputy Prime Minister of Kamino. Once the Prime Minister was prophesized to not survive the coming war, he named his Deputy to replace him here. I must go oversee the cloning facilities. Stop by the armorer before you leave if you wish to adorn yourself as the Jedi Generals did during the Clone Wars. Nothing as fancy as Rex's though. We used the last of that metal to make his. We do have some Cortosis which can be used to thwart lightsaber attacks. Not much, enough for a few gauntlets at least"

The Jedi and Rex were called into Cari Kerra's office. Ahsoka bowed before the dignitary. Rex saluted the head of state.

Carri Kerra stood up from her chair. "We were not expecting you so soon. I personally thought it wouldn't happen for another year if at all. I took this job to safeguard my people's future, waiting for a time when the Empire would be overthrown or infighting caused it to collapse in on itself. Do you have any questions for me?"

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