Revenge of the Sith: Plans? I just started this damn job.

"My plans? I just started this job last week. I never put much stock into Jedi visions. My plan was to ignore the vision and keep my people alive as best I could. This is why I ordered the next batch of clones to be trained in structural engineering so we could build deeper. Not really sure how much deeper we can go. The plan was for me to be acting Prime Minister until the Prime Minister of Kamino came. He was supposed to be on the Spirit of the Republic, I guess that means you are the ones from the visions. That also means the closest thing I had to a brother will be dead soon." Cari Kerra became emotional but he held it together, he would grieve later.

Ahsoka knew Barriss was right, doesn't mean she enjoy working alongside those she fought for so long, who she was fighting up until very recently. She also knew Barriss would be the first to mention it.

Rex was wearing his helmet, so no one could see he was seething with rage at the thought of working with Separatists, the ones who had killed and tortured so many of his clone brothers.

Ahsoka also knew Rex would be a liability if he went to meet with former Separatists. "Rex and I will go see an old friend of mine in the Senate. Why don't you two go see if you can drum up support for the rebellion among the Separatists." Just saying that felt all kinds of wrong. "The Seperatists' leadership were all assassinated on Mustafar by Vader along with Obi-Wan's murder. They are broken, probably scattered. Whoever is left might not be willing to risk it. Take some clones with you just in case. Prime Minister do you have a ship they can borrow?"

Cari Kerra began typing on his computer. A holographic display showed all the ships they had, except the Spirit of the Republic. "Take whichever one you like. They were all captured by Clones on a training mission against pirates." Rex recognized one, he was the leader of the mission to take that one. He pointed to it. "Don't recommend taking that one." Rex did not and would not elaborate further. "Ahsoka the ship you had docked in the Spirit has been removed and is waiting on an elevator for you whenever you like to leave."

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