Revenge of the Sith: Heading out

Altus spoke to the group as they exited the office "For now we'll focus on the old resistance groups that popped up during the clone wars in separatist controlled space. As I said I used to run supplies for a lot of them and I highly doubt that they'll welcome the Empire replacing the old dictatorships they tried to overthrow. Also if you're going to go visit your senator friend just be careful I wouldn't put it past the Empire to be keeping eyes on those who aren't too keen to fall in line with everything going on."

After saying their goodbyes to the two Altus and Barriss made their way to the armory restocking supplies for a ship they acquired and picking up some cortosis vanbraces. The ship itself had reminded Altus of his old one if he had the money to upgrade it to the specs he had wanted before it blew up. Stepping into the cockpit they began the flight sequence to leave the planet. Looking over his shoulder he knows Barriss entering taking a seat in the co-pilot station, gone was the assassins outfit she had worn since their escape from the temple in its place was a smuggler's outfit that hugged her in all the right places, she had even chose to leave her hair uncovered.

"Never thought I'd see the day when you wear something like that" Altus joked as he looked her over.

"It was Master Luminara's insistence I'd wear more conservative clothes like her but I think it's time for a change can't go around looking like a Jedi " she replied a slight blush on her face. " Do you think the order can be rebuilt or if it even should?"

"If history is anything to go by then yes the Jedi orders gone through worse, but I don't think it should be rebuilt the way it was I think a new Jedi order is in need I mean look at me, you, Ahsoka, and Anakin we're Prime examples on how the order have failed in different ways and if we don't change the way things are that it's just bound to fail again. But let's not get ahead of ourselves for right now first we got a Galaxy to save from the empire."

Barriss nodded at his words they had a long road ahead of them that started with building a rebellion. As she watched him enter the ship into hyperspace she leaned over placing her head on his shoulder.

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