Revenge of the Sith: Distrubing Informaiton

The Bad Batch split up. With the exception for Echo the rest could pass as regular Stormtroopers. Echo's cybernetic scomp link made it impossible for him to pass as a normal Stormtrooper. Ahsoka stayed behind with him. While engineers worked on the ship they stayed out of sight as much as possible. When not possible she used Mind Trick on them.

"The outside is unfamiliar but the inside is a pretty standard configuration. Governments do love to save money by reusing designs. Pretty useful for the soldiers as well. Learn one layout and you know just about every ship in the fleet." They were approaching a an odd-looking Stormtrooper so Hunter stayed silent until they were past him. "Some oddities. That Stormtrooper is different from the others." They passed several unmarked doors and numerous Stormtroopers. "The room I am looking for should be right.... here" He opened a door. "Good. Tech get to work. Find Rex and any other useful intel."

Tech was navigating the data on board the ship when the alarms went off. "That wasn't me. It's coming from....the Dark Trooper Lab. Seems one of their experiments has gotten out of control." Tech began looking for information on the Dark Trooper project. What he read made him very very angry and he was not one to become angry easily. "Dark Troopers are clones, they have up to 70% of their body replaced with mechanical components. They are not volunteers. Some go crazy. Some commit suicide."

"We better hurry up then. I say the time for stealth is over. What do you think Generals?" Hunter asked.

Tech transmitted to Ahsoka their conversation once the alarms went off so she would know what was happening. Echo became very visibly disturbed. Ahsoka was doing her best to regulate her emotions. She may not be a Jedi anymore; the Jedi may not exist anymore, but some things they taught her still remained true for her. Specifically what Yoda said. 'Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.' She kept that mantra on repeat in her head. She needed to stay level-headed. "From the looks of it from here, every Stormtrooper has gone to the Dark Trooper lab. Once we join up with you, Hunter I do believe it's time for the Bad Batch to do what it is best at and fuck some shit up."

Ahsoka and Echo loaded up on grenades, then raced as fast as they could to the others. Echo knocked on the door letting them know they arrived. When the others came out Ahsoka and Echo passed grenade belts to the rest of the Bad Batch. Tech guided them to the Dark Trooper Lab he downloaded the schematics of the ship to a datapad.

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