Revenge of the Sith: destroy and rescue

Altus felt bile rise in his mouth as tech described with the dark trooper program was, his previous vision was coming back into his mind. Shaking the thoughts from his head he had to clear his mind and focus there's still a chance that Rex was fine and that they could still rescue him.

"Agreed from here on out its weapons hot we're going to rescue Rex and we're going to destroy this ship and the dark trooper program" he spoke in a serious tone grabbing his pistol and lightsaber before tossing his explosives to wrecker.

"Wrecker and tech you're on demolition duty Make sure this ship is either destroyed or crippled, everyone else with me or hitting the dark trooper program head-on to expect plenty of resistance"

Opening the doors he led the rescue team towards the dark trooper program silently praying that they had not arrived too late.

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