Revenge of the Sith: Busting down doors

The rescue team made their way down the hallways. Hunter took point with Tech giving directions. Along the way, they ran into two Stormtroopers. Ahsoka walked up to them and skewered them through the back.

Hunter and Tech stopped at a door. Ahsoka checked to make sure this was the room. Tech confirmed it. "Once we are through the door if it attacks you kill it. We are not taking prisoners. Our mission is to rescue anyone we can." Ahsoka used The Force and blew the door off. Several Stormtroopers were hit by the doors.

Hunter and Tech were the first through the door. Ahsoka was hot on their tails. She had both of her Lightstabers ignited the moment she stepped into the room. The grotesque laboratory smelled absolutely horrible a combination of rotting flesh, chemicals, and somehow despair.

The Stormtroopers were panicking and fighting against several Dark Troopers. She saw a scientist cowering in a corner behind a console. She grabbed him. "What is wrong with them?" The scientist crapped his pants. "Some of the....uh...volunteers didn't react well to their enhancements causing psychotic breaks. What about Rex did you mutilate him yet?" The scientist didn't recognize the name. "CT-7567." The scientist recognized the designation. "He was the latest one to lose his mind."

Ahsoka used her telekinesis to snap his neck. She began Force Pushing anything and everything out of her way or cutting it in half with her lightsabers.

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