Revenge of the Sith: Gone

The two watched as Vader's ship left the sector followed by the explosion of the Empirical shortly after. While the two could sense that Ahsoka was alive they didn't know if it was a good thing considering she was now in the hands of Vader. The two satin silence for a while before Altus began punching in a random hyperspace coordinate and making the jump. Once I left the sector he opened up with communication to the rebel high command.

"This is Jedi Knight Altus Olin with a message for rebel command agent Rex has fallen in battle and agent fulcrum has been compromised I recommending immediate emergency protocols for the time being Altus out."

"You can't possibly think Ahsoka would betray us do you?" Barriss snapped slight anger in her voice.

"Whether she does when willingly not doesn't matter she was barely holding on after Rex died you saw that and now she's in the clutches of Vader, stronger Jedi have fallen to less right now we need to focus on making sure the rebellion's secure and we have to relocate the Jedi conclave."

"You're right I'm sorry" Barriss apologized her shoulder sagging she knew he was just trying to be productive in a dark situation.

"It's all right I know you're concerned about her for now let's just get some rest we'll take a while for the hyperspace jumps to be finished"he replied as the two of them made their way to the sleeping quarters.

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