Revenge of the Sith: The Ahsoka Protocols

"Rebel command for Dirty Twi'lek. Ahsoka's droids have informed her second to begin the Ahsoka Protocols. Ahsoka knew her capture and fall to the Dark Side was a possibility the minute she found out her former master became a Sith Lord, she prepared for this eventuality to keep the Rebellion safe. Her second has taken over command of the Fulcrum permanently and begun the other procedures. The Enclave is packing up right now. You will need to go there and pick out a new site for the Enclave, her protocol specifically designated the two of you to pick the new location. Her second will be transmitting new identifications and registration numbers to all ships to keep them secure. She helped recruit several Imperial Senators to the Rebellion. She also set up their code names. There was one other thing she did to protect the Rebellion, she visited a Master who is in hiding who made her forget the identities of the Senators as well as the identity and location of that Jedi Master. She would not say who it was or where he was out of respect for the Master's wishes. She can tell Empire everything she knows but as soon as the protocol is finished she will officially know nothing that can hurt us. We hope, one can never know for certain. Another portion of the Ahsoka Protocols was automated and broadcasted a short message to an unknown individual Ahsoka apparently trusted." Rebel Command then played the message. "It is time." A sigh could be heard from Rebel Command. "That is the only part of the protocol we have no clue what it is about. Ahsoka had her secrets and her contingency plans. She had a protocol for just about every high-ranking member of the Rebellion in case of capture or turn to the Dark Side."

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