Revenge of the Sith: destination Ahch-To

After completing several random hyperspace jumps Altus and Barriss arrived back of the Jedi conclave. After landing in The hanger Bay they took notice of the surviving Jedi loading up the secondary ship the crucible. Altus had found the Old Republic ship at Hondo's old hanger. Ahsoka had a warned him of the events that had happened during the clone wars which led to the ship being shot down. Altus put in a lot of effort and credits in restoring it and while it didn't have the lightsaber components anymore it does serve as a portable Jedi Temple once again.

After landing the two of them were met up by Masters Nu and Secura for a meeting to discuss the future.

"Ahsoka may be lost for now but I have faith you will return to us" Aayla spoke in a soothing voice "until then we must relocate for safety reasons do you have any suggestions?"

"Yes I know if a place that Empire won't be able to find us it's not on any map and it is in the unknown regions"Altus spoke before activating a holotable showcasing an ocean planet.

"Ahch-To home side of the first Jedi Temple after our ancient predecessors left Tython it took me quite a long time scouring through the holocrons and some of the ancient artifact sites to discover it but I believe it it'll be perfect for the new Jedi order."

"You certainly are Amari's student " Jocasta chuckled "she always did have a talent for uncovering ancient Jedi secrets. I'll ensure the preparations are complete to leave, you still you should scout ahead to insurance it's safe May the force be with us."

After the conclusion of the meeting the three would assist with preparations before heading back towards the Naughty Twi'lek.

"It'll be good to get out of the stuffy station" Aayla spoke while stretching her arms out, since her rescue she had actually become more relaxed and laid back often speaking casually with the two "although I do wish you would remove that pinup off your ship's hull."

"I can remove if that's what you wish but keep in mind I'll replace with one of the more risque photos" Altus replied with a smirk as he saw the blue Twi'lek face turn red as they entered the ship. After a few minutes of preparation the ship left the hangar and entered hyperspace towards Ahch-To.

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