Revenge of the Sith: Ahch-To

The planet was beautiful The three of them looked at the endless ocean with archipelagoes spread across it. After a while the ship finally landed on the proper island that contained the first temple. Upon landing they were greeted by the caretakers of the temple and after a brief discussion they were allowed access and permission for the new Jedi order. The island temple in many ways was Spartan to say the least Altus had seen many depictions of Jedi temples through the orders history, they were usually Grand and overwhelming. Here it was mainly stone huts although there were some bigger chambers carved into the mountain itself.

"It's humbling in a way something I think the order needs so we have forgotten so much about it our origins" Aayla spoke as she look around.

"What's the ocean airs a lot better than the recycled stuff at the station" Barriss added with a smirk.

"Agreed here a new Jedi order will be formed and with it a new hope for the Galaxy" Altus spoke with a smile on his face, soon after they would send a message to the crucible to land.

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