Revenge of the Sith: ANCIENT History 3

Asajj sat down on a crate. Her droids began flattering around doing whatever they liked.

"The temple was a pyramid, it was the oldest building in the city and in the best shape. It had blasters attached, they were clearly added recently, whoever added the blasters was a genius. They attached them and tapped into the Temple's power without compromising the Temple at all. Inside the Temple was a maze. Once you learned the right way to go it took you to a central room. In that room a Force Ghost who identified herself solely as Master Shan. She told me that the legend of the Temple was a lie, but Master Cordova left something behind. She also said it wouldn't be easy, even more so for one who once embraced the Dark Side. She then waved her hand and the temple reconfigured itself. I navigated that maze for...I don't know how long. Time literally seemed to have lost all meaning in there. The one constant was that central chamber, everytime I reappeared in that chamber a holodroid appeared in the form of an enemy or former ally, Dooku, Maul, Palpatine, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Anakin just to name a few. The worst was that cyborg Grievous. After fighting Grievous I stopped to rest a droid brought me food it was not prepared properly. I began to meditate. As I meditated I realized something. Once I made that realization I passed the test. Master Shan congratulated me and motioned me towards a pedastal. The pedastal had symbols, during the test the symbols were revealed to me. After pressing the symbols in the right order the Holocron was exposed. I asked Master Shan what was in the Holocron she would only say the future."

Asajj leaned against a railing and crossed her legs.

"A phrase had been stuck in my head since that Temple. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no fear, there is power. I am the heart of the Force. I am the revealing fire of light. I am the mystery of darkness. In balance with chaos and harmony, Immortal in the Force."

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