Revenge of the Sith: Cordova's secret hideout 3

Ventress' ID10 seeker droid buzzed about. She could tell the droid liked this place much more than that temple. The data on her hud wasn't showing much in the way of usefulness just the standard topography and wildlife threat readouts. "Just got a lot of topography and wildlife readouts. None of the wildlife should be a threat, so far. No indications of a secret hideout entrance." Suddenly a new blip showed on her screen. She didn't say anything. She watched the blip as she kept watching. The blip kept pace with them. She calmly spoke with a hushed tone. "We are being followed. 6 meters to our right. Not organic. Follow my lead." She kept walking. As she walked she typed some commands into her left gauntlet. The ID10 seeker droid soared higher up. Giving her a larger overview of the area. "Good." There was an open area up ahead. Where they all would be out in the open. When they reached she reached out with the Force and yanked the droid to her. "A BD Unit?" She sat the droid down. It began beeping & booping. "I see. Lead the way." BD-1 takes off. They begin to follow. "That's BD-1. He belonged to Cordova. Hasn't seen Cordova in years. It might not smell to good where we are going."

BD-1 took them to the remains of a building. There was what was left of one wall knee high to a womp rat about a meter in length. The floor was mostly unscathed. BD-1 stuck its leg into the ground and started beeping again. BD-2 suddenly jumped down and did the same 2 meters to BD-1's left. The floor between them opened up. BD-2 unplugged his scomp link and got back on Ventress' shoulder. BD-1 went over to Altus asking to get on his back. The ID10 seeker droid gets on Ventress's harness. Ventress started down the stairs, BD-2 turned on his spotlight.

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