Revenge of the Sith: Cautious Trust

Kanan trusted Ahsoka but he felt his heart race when a trooper came in. Kanan took a deep breath and walked forward, hand extended. "I am Kanan, thank you for saving my friend. I can't imagine what life is like for you, now knowing all you do as well, so I guess it sort of puts us in the same boat. I bet if the Empire knew you were 'free' they'd come after you too?"

~ ~ ~ ~

Back at her apartment, Padme knew what she had to her children. But how? Padme knew how...she had to lead two lives.

Just then, Anakin returned. Time to play the diplomat - put on one face while you feel something different. "Nurse droid, can you please take the children. My husband and I need to talk."

Padme went into their room and Anakin followed, a stern expression on his face, surely ready for another argument. She closed the door behind him and before he could say anything, she kissed him deeply. It hurt to kiss him, to feel his touch, but she kept the thought of seeing her children grow and turn into monsters and murderers close to shield the pain.

Anakin was shocked and for a brief moment she saw the shy, young man, eager for another kiss. "I'm so sorry, Anney. I was wrong not to trust in you. We're only here because of you." And she kissed him again nudging him backwards towards the bed and guided to sit on the edge while she stood. "The doctor says I'm healed up enough...," and she reached back and undid her dress, letting it fall to the floor. "Love me gently like I know you do..."

* * * * * *

Anakin was asleep. The day had ended and he was tired for many reasons. Padme lay, her head on his chest, knowing this is the role she must perform until Ahsoka found a way to get them out of here.

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