Revenge of the Sith: An Offer

Altus' communicator buzzed before he could get that drink. An image of a tall Muun appeared. "Greetings Altus Olin, I am Jaek Krani - emissary for Grakkus the Hutt. Our sources tell us you are a man of many talents, with much knowledge of a recent, fallen Order, and who just so happens to be in the vicinity of former headquarters of the same Order. I'll get to the point... you owe a certain syndicate credits and that syndicate was recently acquired by Grakkus. So now, you owe him instead."

"He would like you to secure as many artifacts as you can, the more valuable the better, and bring them to him - I'll send you the coordinates at the end of this transmission. Should you do so, consider your debt cleared and that you have a friend in someone who is both keenly aware of your history, especially the part you'd prefer the Empire doesn't know about."

"We look forward to seeing you soon!"

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