Revenge of the Sith: Anything I can do

"I want to help," Kanan answered quickly. "I'll earn my way, just let me know how I can help." He gathered up a simple snack, ate, and began to meditate until Ahsoka had more for him to do.

~ ~ ~

Padme woke, nursed the children, and then woke Anakin in a delightful sort of way. After a time and as they stood redressing, she put her plan in to action. "Anney, darling, I need a few things. Could you please have a couple of your best men escort me to the shopping plaza? I need to pick out a few things to wear now that I'm not carrying two children around," she said with a playful laugh and twirl of her billowing dress.

"Of course, of course, anything you need my dear. I'll send a squad over within the hour and they are at your command," he said.

"And if you can, not troopers - less military and more escort, please and at least two, females. Cadets maybe?" she asked.

"A great idea."

And less than an hour after Anakin left, a squad of eight men appeared. The captain looked both terrified and delighted - knowing this was a great chance to gain favor or end his life quickly. Eying up each member of the squad she landed on three possible candidates for her plan - two, female cadets and one male.

While Anakin had been gone, she had gotten ready...

In her private quarters while the nurse droid watched the children, she'd a washcloth, bit down hard, and hit herself a few times in places she could easily conceal - unless she didn't want to. Then, taking Anakin's spare, robotic arm, she triggered it to leave a definitive mark on her arm which her sleeve could easily cover. Then, dressing in some fairly revealing attire, she greeted the captain and they headed out.

Phase One complete.

She encouraged one of the female recruits to hold Luke at one point, so she could pick up Leah. She chatted up the three cadets she'd singled out as much as possible without seeming like she was trying to and made sure lean a little in the males direction so he could get a clear look at the right places. She caught him looking once and gave him a wink. He blushed immensely and turned away. Surprisingly, she noticed the other female cadet eying her up too... this was going better than she'd hoped.

At the shop, she requested the two females, the one male and another random recruit be the ones to form the inner perimeter while she shopped. She held up dresses, asking their opinions, and taking the opportunity to get very close to the one male cadet, she discreetly her hand across his lap as she laid a dress across it.

Phase Two complete. Now for the tricky part...

(to be continued)

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