Revenge of the Sith: Approaching the Temple at night

Ahsoka and Rex both agreed that Kanan would be perfect to fit in small spaces like vents or tunnels in rubble.

They both went to get some sleep. Rex informed Kanan they would begin their work that night. They woke later that night. They all ate. As they ate Ahsoka explained to Kanan what exactly they were hired to do and by who. "This is an unpleasant arrangement and will more than likely end badly but it's better him than the Empire for the moment. If something happens use the Force and your Lightsaber as a last resort."

They discreetly approach the Temple, a secret entrance only a few knew about and only could be opened by those with the Force. Rex was the last to enter since he was the best with a blaster. Once inside Ahsoka sealed the entrance. They each had a small flashlight.

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