Revenge of the Sith: So many "Jedi"

Kanan paused in his tracks. "I feel something, like, someone, like... like us....near," he said. He felt a slight cold shiver at it though. "But also not like us. Ahsoka, what does that mean?"

~ ~ ~

The Emperor had yammered on and on, like he was giving a campaign speech, about the 'new' Empire. Anakin didn't need to hear this all but could not depart till his Master was finished. Once everyone else had left, he approached and bowed. "What is thy bidding, my Master?"

"Hopefully, you've felt a sway in the Force energy as I have the last couple of days. It means there are Force sensitives here, on Coruscant. We must find them, at once!"

"Of course, consider it done," Anakin replied and turned and began to leave.

"And don't let the thoughts of bedding your wife cloud your vision, my apprentice."

Anakin froze and did his best to maintain his cool. "Of course not, my Master." And he hurried off.

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