Revenge of the Sith: Phase Four

Upon returning to her apartment, Padme checked her messages and noted that Anakin would be returning home soon. She thanked the captain for his help and professionalism and ensured him that her husband would know it as well. She suggested that most of the cadets could go on but perhaps the other male cadet, the one she'd flirted with before, could stay behind and help with the bags.

She gave Maketh a wink as she left and watching them leave and taking the glass elevator back down, she could see Anakin coming up in another. She took a deep breath and prepared. "You there, cadet, please carry those in my room." She followed him in and caught him by the door to her room. "I've seen the way you look at me, there's no use denying it."

"I....uh....," he sputtered and tried to go for the door.

"Not so fast," Padme replied and she leapt at him, kissing him. She tore her own dress to reveal more of her body, and grabbed him so he fell on top of her. Hearing the door to her apartment open, she stared the cadet in the eyes...

"I'm so sorry about this," she said...

"HELP ME!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!"

Stunned, the cadet froze and Padme kept screaming. Her bedroom door ripped from its hinges and Anakin came rushing in. "Please stop! PLEASE!!!!"

And before anything else could be said, the cadet was thrown from her, crumpling abnormally in the air, then was cut in half by a lightsaber. Anakin rushed to her. "Padme, Padme! It's me...I'm here. You're safe!"

She threw her arms around him and wailed. "Oh Anakin, thank goodness. I'm so sorry, I...I don't know what happened. I asked him to help me with some bags and he closed the door behind him. Before I could say anything, he hit me in the stomach and then held me down. He said all sorts of awful things to me, like this was my fault. I tried to make him stop but he wouldn't...." and she cried as best she could.

"It's okay, he's dead and your safe now. I'll find his captain and find out how this could have happened."

"I won't feel safe here anymore... not after this and not alone. I know you can't stay with me all the time. There was a cadet, a woman - Tua was her name I believe. She was most professional and courteous. Could you bring her here and have her stationed as my personal assistant?"

"That's a great idea. And I'll find new accommodations today and have all your things taken there by nightfall so you needn't even sleep here one more night." Anakin flinched a bit, but in sort of way she'd seen before when there was some disturbance in the Force. Padme grabbed and kissed him deeply. (This is when Ahoska is using the Force to open the Vault.)

"I'm so sorry, I'm sure I must have done something...," and he cut her off.

"No, Padme, it is them - all of them - and it heightens my resolve that I must make this all very different myself."

~ ~ ~

True to his word, Anakin had Padme and the babies moved to a new place. She'd insisted it be near the spaceport - the sound of shuttles taking off and landing seemed to sooth the kids, especially Luke, and she didn't feel safe in anything overtly Empire controlled.

No one contested Darth Vader entering, having a whole floor cleared and having Padme setup within. Non-descript sentry droids would patrol primarily and Cadet Tua had been promoted to some fancy title where she would act as Padme's right hand in all matters. Tua would even have an adjoining room to their quarters and there was a private elevator that only the three of them would have the passcodes for.

As much as it annoyed him, Anakin had been summoned by the Emperor late that night but Padme assured him she was fine with their new home and with Tua there.

Once they were alone, she came out and sat with her by the fire. "I hope you don't mind your new job?"

"Not at all, m-, I mean, Padme... I just don't know what all I can actually do for you."

Padme spoke plainly. "I need someone I can trust, Maketh. Can I trust you?"

"Of course, Padme."

Padme stood and began walking over to her, then took a seat right next to her. "And do you trust me?"

"I do, Padme." And Padme kissed her. She'd never kissed a woman before but she did her best to kiss Maketh like a woman would - soft and gentle. Maketh was caught off guard but melted as Padme took her face in her hands and went deeper.

She pulled away leaving Maketh wanting more. "I've never actually kissed a woman before. Was it okay?"

"It was wonderful," Maketh said, caught in the moment. "I've never actually.... I just don't know...I mean, I never thought of myself as a..." She was blushing immensely.

And before she could say anything else, Padme kissed her again. She had to admit, it was nice and felt in charge... that's what she liked most of all.

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