Revenge of the Sith: Ready for battle?

Grakkus walked out on a set of six cybernetic legs. "Ah, my friends, you have returned. Is that coward, Hondo, hiding onboard still?"


"My guess is no... so, you disobeyed a direct order and made modifications to MY ship. But why? Because I eavesdropped on you? Why wouldn't I? You are in my employ. I have a right to know what happens on a mission I back and with my equipment. We'll keep it simple then. You show me what you have brought, Jaek here will tally things up as to what I determine they are worth to me, then I subtract 25% for the hassle. And as a sign of good faith," and he tossed a bag to Ahsoka which held her lightsabers.

"Shall we get down to business?"

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