Common Goals?

Both Kim and Claire shared a look at the mention of Evanora, the wicked witch they often avoided even speaking of. For Kim it was a matter of her lonely life on the streets, being a theif just to life. As for Claire, she merely despised the witch the moment she had heard of her.

"No," Claire finally answers Turq. "We're just traveling and hoping to find answers to our personal questions."

"Though, it couldn't hurt to ask her some questions, could it?" Kim declared with a slight smile. "Sure, she's why I've lived on the streets most of my life, but maybe she's got answers to your...predicament."

A frown formed on Claire's pale face. "I doubt she'll tell me how to get back home." She muttered, returning her attention to the golem. "We don't have any personal aquantance with Evanora, but we could try helping you. I kind of woke up here and can't seem to find my way back home."

"Guess the stories about Dorothy were true, huh?" Kim giggled.

Claire just rolled her eyes again. "What kind of message do you have for her, sir?" Her blue eyes scanned over him and she cleared her throat. "Apologies if I've called you the wrong gender."

Now it was Kim's turn to roll her eyes. "Don't mind her. She's always like this."

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