Park - A Day in the Life

Cassia Prime
Location: Cassia Prime - Colony III “North Beach”
Date: 29-Dec-2452

There was something to be said about sleeping with Tank that she rather enjoyed.

As a lover Tank thankfully wasn’t the most creative of individuals and thus rarely made a point of surprising her with some new kink or fetish that she was prepared to accommodate.

A true grunt, foreplay for him trended more towards the vanilla side of things more often than not with Park being the more creative and daring of the pair either throwing on some daring bedtime outfit some nights for shock value or simply hunting him down and having her way with him where ever she found him when the opportunity allowed.

Tank much like his nickname suggested was amazingly well put together with a level of physical strength and stamina that made any encounter all that much more fun. The man easily bench a good 200 plus units more than she could on a good day but never made a point of proving it to her. Still it wasn’t the sex itself that appealed to her the most … It was the quiet time after the act that really looked forward to.

Park tended to enjoy those moments when his head rested on her breast.

The tickling sensation of his shortcut hair against her bare skin.

The sound of his breathing coupled with the soft grunts or unspoken whispers in his sleep.

In the late night hours, there was nothing to disturb the calm of their bedroom. No politics, no agendas, simply the lingering stillness until sleep finally came.

By o5:00 local Park completed her morning run around the perimeter of the colony compound returning to the hab where Tank was already awake and eating breakfast while his gaze was fixed on the display as the media group beamed in the news of the day.

“What the word?” Park announced dropping into the seat next to his.

Tank shrugged. “ The Princess Anne has officially off loaded the last of the 2nd stage colonists and apparently another ship arrived in system with another 5,000 more colonists last evening.”

Park took a moment to finish her vitamin juice pack. “ We barely had room for the last batch of colonists. Where are they planning house them all this time ?”
“ The colony planning people say that they’re gonna start double stacking the residential habs in Delta City and are pushing to do the same in the other colonies but it looks like there is some pushback.” Tank offered. “ In other news it looks like that little prick you pulled out of the mud a few months back is causing trouble with the higher-ups.”

Park smirked. “ Really?”

Tank nodded. “ Looks like he had a sit down with the Colony Elders regarding what happened and gave them a list of demands.”

“ And they haven’t issued a quiet kill notice? “ Park inquired.

Tank smirked shaking his head. “ Not to me but you know as well a I do that the guys in charge are a bunch of bleeding heart bureaucrats. They dont have the stomach to get their hands dirty just yet.”

Park nodded her agreement pushing herself to her feet and stripping off her top and tossing it in Tanks' direction. “ I’m gonna take a shower and then we can get started on putting the furniture together.”

Tank sat looking at the top she had thrown at him for a moment clearly not taking the hint.

“Its an invitation you grunt.” Park laughed as she headed for the shower.

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