Day 0 - Tracks in the Mud

Cassia Prime - Alpha Landing Site
Location: Cassia Prime - Day 0
Date: 11-Nov-2452
Time: 12:05:00

Counting off more or less two thousand paces she paused briefly and checked the distance from the dropship with the range finder mounted on her rifle before calling it close enough to the assigned distance.

“We’re good.” She offered aloud turning her attention to the tree line for a moment before glancing down to the muddy earth at her feet.

Tank’s gaze followed hers to the tree’s. “See anything?”

Park could only shake her head. “ No, but that said I’m just wondering how large the local fauna could be given they’ve only been terraforming this world for just over a century.”

Tank could only shrug. “ I didn’t see anything in the paperwork.”

“That's because they didn’t mention anything about land-based species in all that paperwork they had us reviewing the last few days,” Park said plainly. “ I saw a whole-lotta shit about fish species and marine life but I don’t recall seeing anything about land-based species.”

Tank simply shrugged. “ I guess it would depend on what seed species they elected to plant here or if they elected to add anything after the fact. ”

Park nodded her agreement before motioning downward to the muddy earth at her feet. “ So what do you think could have left tracks like these?”

Tank stopped in mid-step glanced downwards and frowned before crouching down as he took a closer look at the tracks taking a moment to study the nearly water-filled tracks at her feet. “Well, that's not good is it?”

Park nodded as she compared the track to her own boot-covered foot briefly.” Well, I’d say it was bigger than me but not by much.”

Tank nodded his agreement.” More my size I’d say and about twice as heavy given the depth of the print.”

Park nodded tapping her headset. “ This is Charlie-2, Hey Major we may have a problem here.”

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