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Summary: In the shadows, they are watching.

Corporate MegaCorp Thug

Gender: ?

Age: ?

Group: Human (civilian)

Superpower (if Applicable)


Useful Skills

Stealthily and sneakily they are dedicated to strictly follow any request from Vice CEO Marcus Simpul.

Martial Arts skills, but never used aggressively just used in order to provide an escape.

Rank/Title (if Applicable)


Physical Appearance

Always in the shadows watching and relaying information to their superior “Sir”


Nobody knows exactly how many mysterious MegaCorp corporate thugs there are, so they don’t seem to have much of a personality. They hide in the shadows collecting information on whatever and whoever they are instructed to follow.


William Bax had asked for information of one of his corporate competitors. Marcus Simpul took it upon himself to hire a team of martial arts mercenaries to infiltrate and collect any information MegaCorp Industries could use to crush the competition. William Bax was so impressed with the information MegaCorp decided to keep them around. The corporate thugs has been working from the 13th floor of the MegaCorp building doing Marcus Simpul’s bidding to this day.

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Favourite food (always essential.)

Taco Tuesday in the MegaCorp Industries cafeteria.

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Image of Corporate MegaCorp Thug
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