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Summary: I'm just so scared - all the time!

Adeline Scott

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Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Super human ( government captive)

Superpower (if Applicable)

Through indeterminate means, she can turn a manmade building or enclosed space into a haunted variant of itself. This primarily manifests as creepy sensory input and distortion, but there is little difference between mental illusions and literal altered reality when the mind cannot distinguish one from the other.

- Area of Effect centered on Adeline. Size of the effect more or less restrained to size of the structure, but minimal boding effects can bleed through to a building’s immediate grounds. (Think menacing trees or macabre exterior to a haunted house.)
- The structure cannot be naturally occurring, must consist of at least three walls or two walls and a ceiling. Structures featuring certain geometric architecture reduce or prevent manifestations.
- The thoughts and fears of others can shape the horrors that are projected.
- She is completely unaware that her subconscious is the source, and her mind renders her unable to accept such a claim as truth. She does not consciously control the power and is as much a victim of its effects as all those around her.

Useful Skills

She struggles with many things, but her mind quickly identifies spatial patterns. She’s a natural escape artist. Speaks French, Spanish & English

Rank/Title (if Applicable)

Prisoner Number A26188

Physical Appearance

Height : 5’4”
Weight : 115 pounds
Hair : Auburn (often untamed and bedraggled)
Eyes : Hazel. She’s also blessed with extremely thick eyebrows bordering on divine.


There is an innocence to Adeline, yet she is clearly disturbed. At times comedic and at times tragic, Adeline is a victim of her own transient sanity. She suffers from schizoaffective disorder, formally diagnosed and certified; is heavily medicated on an ever rotating profusion of antipsychotic prescriptions. You do not want to see what’s going on in her head, but you’re gonna.


Deep in the archives of the well-funded and many-cogged machine that is *Name of Government Organisation Here* and its secret projects, there undoubtedly exists a definitive, factual account of Adeline’s history. You'll not likely have access to those files or have any way to verify their validity, so instead we are left with the most commonly shared version of her story, her own accounting of her own past as relayed to numerous doctors on numerous occasions with adamance and consistency. Which is to say it is probably true.

She was born in Marseille, France with Romani ancestry. She was a creepy child from the very beginning. Fast forward. Upon the death of her parents, she was relocated to Berlin, New Hampshire (population 11,000) to live with her Uncle Niska. Because nothing ever happens in Berlin, New Hampshire. Until she arrived. The creepy shit got worse; growing reports of hauntings could not be ignored or contained, and she came under the attention of the powers that be, revealed to authorities that she possessed superpowers. Before she was ten years old she was firmly in the custody of *Name of Government Organisation Here* and raised in various states of isolation and captivity as her powers swelled out of control and her fractured mind proved largely resistant to treatment of any kind. Fast forward twenty years and she is a lonely young woman starving for inclusion by the only people with whom she has any interaction - the guards and research teams - yet routinely kept confined and secluded for obvious reasons.

Favourite Sayings (unless you're a mute)

- “I’m tired of being alone, because I’m never alone.”
- “The lady at the food court at the mall back home said I have eyebrows thick as a caterpillar’s bush.”
- “Everyone in my world wears a nameplate, but no one is who they claim to be.”

Favourite food (always essential.)


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Image of Adeline Scott
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