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Summary: A manipulator who needs an out.

Tzeitel Nussbaum

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Characters: Super human (fugitive)

Superpower (if Applicable)

Tzeitel can manipulate people- usually through emotions- by expressing pheremones. The closer she is to a target the stronger the effect, she has not yet learned how to isolate targets so anyone nearby will be affected. Her powers are most effective when the target does not know what she is doing, though even when people do know what she is doing they will still feel something. Whether or not they act on these manipulated emotions depends on their own will-power.
Tzeitel's powers are not infinite, she can and does get tired if her powers are overused for an extended period without rest.

With the help of Colt, a wind user, Tzeitel is able to target individuals with her pheromones.

Useful Skills

Good at reading body language and expressions, detecting emotions of others.
Some basic self defense.

1/31/2023 Update:
Tzeitel now knows how to use a crossbow and is quite good at it.

Rank/Title (if Applicable)

Formerly: Capture Team- "Distraction"

Physical Appearance

5'6", 136 pounds, slightly muscular
Unusually large black eyes. Curly brown hair, usually tied back. White skin.
Many scars including "GCS" branded on her right bicep but this is usually covered by her a sleeve.
A government issued collar she can't remove herself.

No more collar though noticeable scars left behind by it on her neck.
She usually wears long pants and sleeves to hide her many scars.


Fidgety, anxious, a repressed fury thanks to PTSD but Tzeitel is not a confrontational person. She wants to fit in but she has limits.


Tzeitel came from poverty with abusive parents.
Her powers manifested when she was 11. She had barely begun to understand that she even had powers and what she could do, mostly just used it to keep her parents from beating her, before some shady characters showed up at her home. Her own parents had turned her in after realizing that she had powers after suddenly not feeling violent too many times midbeating.
After growing up as a captive of the unnamed goverment organization the teenaged Tzeitel gained some freedom by joining the capture team. She had such a broken family she looked to the organization as a place to fit in, She usually used her powers to distract a target or lower their guard so the others on her team could capture them. She was more than a little conflicted about helping capture others like herself, but being so young she convinced herself that they were better off safely captured than trying to survive on their own, or that they were too dangerous to be free. 
Gary Canestone was definitely too dangerous to be free, besides having powerful skin manipulation powers he is a cruel serial killer. Tzeitel probably could have taken him on a good day, but she had a busy week helping capture others and an exceptionally powerful psychic the day before being assigned to the team going after Canestone and she still had not recovered. The team leader wanted Tzeitel to get as close as possible to Canestone and blast him with "disarming pheremones" so the rest of the team could tranq him, on a good day it might have worked but Tzeitel was tired and it did not help that Canestone was paranoid and only grew more paranoid when he felt Tzeitel trying to manipulate his emotions. Canestone made his skin so hard that the tranquilizer darts only bounced off of him, then Canestone covered himself in spikes like a porcupine and shot his quills all around, disabling the capture team. Tzeitel lost consciousness from the quill wounds and when she woke up she was Canestone's captive in one of Caenstone's lairs. She spent three days expecting to die at any moment- either at Canestone's hands or her collar- and being tortured by Canestone before another capture team tracked them down. By then Tzeitel's powers had been restored, Canestone had gotten to the point where he thought she was broken and not going to fight anymore and had lowered his guard to her so she was able to manipulate his emotions so the capture team could fire on him- to her disappointment they used tranquilizer darts instead of bullets.
Tzietel was furious that they captured Canestone alive. Besides what he had done to her she had seen his grisly collections of trophies of victims that had not survived. Tzietel had been well rewarded for her part in Canestone's capture, but all Tzietel wanted was Canestone dead so he couldn't hurt anyone again. Yet the organization was planning to get Canestone on their side to use his powers for their own means. Tzietzel no longer has any faith in the organization and has been starting to look for a way out. She has also begun working out so the next time her powers fail her she won't be defenseless. She is suffering from untreated PTSD.

12/21/2022 Update
Recently escaped MegaCorps with another meta on her capture team. Teitel no longer wears a collar. Tzeitel has had an interesting time fighting to remain free, and has learned she has a younger sister and has very recently rescued her.

A lot has happened.
She killed Canestone. Unfortunately Loreen the "bitcher" revived him and he is stronger than ever.
She found out that she had a friend in the distance while in MegaCorps, the wind user Colt who was able to resist her pheromones and protected her when he could. He had killed the soldiers that found her after Canestone because of the way they joked about her and were going to treat her. Colt had very strong feelings towards Tzeitel, she did not feel the same way towards him but cherishes their friendship. Tzeitel got a lot of pressure from her friends to give Colt a chance, and she did try even though she is not ready for that kind of relationship and does not think she will ever be interested in such a relationship with anyone. She was worried when Colt hooked up with Feng because Feng has been an enemy and she did not want Colt to get hurt. But since Colt has been open about genuinely being in love with Feng Tzeitel is hopeful that he'll be happy, and relieved to have that pressure off of her. She still loves him as a friend.
Tzeitel has been in therapy for her PTSD with Dr Chi. She is getting better but has been less than complately open with her therapist.

Favourite Sayings (unless you're a mute)

Are you sure that's how you really feel?

Favourite food (always essential.)

Grilled cheese with peanut butter

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