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Summary: Too dangerous to live

Gary Canestone

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Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: Super human ( capture team)

Superpower (if Applicable)

Skin manipulation; can alter his skin's color, texture, thickness, grow scales, fur, quills, etc at will.

Since being revived by Loreen he now has a healing ability, enhanced strength.

Useful Skills

Survival skills (hunting, living off the land)
Armed and unarmed combat
Good with firearms.

Rank/Title (if Applicable)

The Breaker

The Roughskin Man

Physical Appearance

5'10", 200 pounds
Black hair, blue eyes. His skin is usually white/caucasian but can change.
Wears a lot of T-shirts with dogs and cute puppies on them.

1/31/2023 Update:
He wears a collar with spikes on it.


Usually comes across as disarming, friendly, intelligent. When he gets a victim alone he drops his facade. He is cruel and sadistic. Gary completely lacks empathy or conscience. There is nothing he enjoys more than slowly torturing someone to death.
Very paranoid, thinks that everyone is secretly like him and wants to hurt and kill him.


Grew up in a middle class family with strict parents. Some might try to blame his personality disorder one a concussion he suffered in the 4th grade on the playground, but he was always a hateful little psycho, even as a child. He received the concussion from a smaller kid just trying to defend herself from the bullying Gary and knocked him off playground equipment. This same girl mysteriously disappeared a year later and hunters found her skeletal remains months after that. Gary did well at high school despite his best friend's brutal murder never being solved and his girlfriend disappearing, and one of his teachers also vanishing. After high school Gary tried joining the army, he could not handle boot camp and dropped out. He became a cop and enjoyed it, such a shame that so many people were disappearing and turning up dead on his beat and how often he needed to use deadly force, until his powers manifested. One day a perp shot Gary's partner and Gary- and the bullet bounced off Gary because he instinctively hardened his skin. When Gary realized how many ways he could manipulate his skin he decided he could do more with his life than being a cop. He quit being a cop and focused on being a serial killer full time.
Among the various souvenirs he took from his victims he found their money to be the most useful. He has set up safe houses and lairs all over the country, preferring rural areas where he can capture then murder hikers and campers. He has no preference for age, sex or race of his victims. Over the years Gary has had at least six children by four (or more) women. His children's ages range from 18 to 4. He has nothing to do with his kids, their mothers want him to stay away from them because he's an abusive POS. 
Gary was observed using his powers a few too many times and got on the radar of the organization and was hunted by a capture team which included a certain Tzeitel Nussbaum. Tzeitel hit him with such a powerful wave of disarming pheromones Gary knew that his calm feelings were artificial and realized that this girl had superpowers like him. He hardened his skin which repelled the tranq darts fired by the rest of the team, then covered his skin in quills and fired them outwards disabling the entire team. He captured Tzeitel, instead of focusing on running he took her to his closest lair. Gary had never met another superpowered person before and was not sure if he wanted to kill her or just break her and make her work for him. He was fascinated with the idea of not only hurting victims physically but using Tzeitel's powers on them to increase their terror. He branded Tzeitel with the letters GCS on her right bicep and spent three days torturing her. By the third day Gary thought he had broken her, she had stopped trying to use her powers on him and wasn't fighting against her binds anymore. He was going to offer her a glass of water in exchange of a promise to use her powers to help him catch another victim. He could hear someone moving around outside his lair, probably a mushroom hunter, probably alone and not something to worry about but to see as easy prey. Gary was feeling so relaxed when the capture team burst into his lair he did not try to escape even as they blasted him with tranquilizer darts. Gary is furious that Tzeitel used his powers against him and got him captured, he feels like she betrayed him- a normal person would know that Tzeitel has no reason to be loyal to someone who tortured her. 

update 1-8-2023
Canestone was killed by Tzeitel and Klaire.
Unfortunately his body was recovered by Loreen "The Butcher" who brought him back to life despite his head being destroyed. Loreen increased his strength and gave him enhanced healing. Canestone's reflexes are slightly slower than before.
Canestone tortured a young meta named N1kk1, and another meta named One.
Canestone had been trapped in a cell in a MegaCorps facility as it was destroyed and is presumed dead but his body has not been found.

1/31/2023 Update:
Canestone survived and escaped the destroyed MegaCorps facility and continued his cruel way. He was sent after Juliet, but since being revived his brain and instincts are not as fast and Juliet outwitted him and he ended up back in MegaCorps' custody.
While healing he was recruited for the capture teams, helping to catch and break the spirits of rebellious metas while still on the field. It is his dream job, though he hopes to be given personal playthings again and to have his revenge against those who wronged him.

Favourite Sayings (unless you're a mute)

I like animals more than people

Favourite food (always essential.)

Ham with mushy peas

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