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Summary: I have spent my entire life dedicated to the perfection of violence.

Julius Maddox

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Characters: Super human (fugitive)

Superpower (if Applicable)

Julius was once forcefully conscripted as a field operative for the the faceless, nameless agency which tracks down and captures superhumans.

His power is tactile telekinesis which allows him to move, influence, destroy, and assemble any number of objects with a thought, which includes his own body, allowing him to fly. He also generates a psychic barrier approximately one millimeter thick across his body. This makes him resistant to impact damage such as bullets or knives. However, the more blows he takes the weaker the barrier becomes.

Julius is a tier one threat in the government's compendium on active superhumans. There are only four tier one threats as of now. The lightning girl (Evie) is another.

Julius' abilities can be interrupted and even temporarily neutralized using electromagnetic pulses at a specific frequency. This is how the government kept him contained for so long.

Useful Skills

Julius can speak six languages and he is a chess master.

Languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Mandarin, French Creole, and German

Rank/Title (if Applicable)

Tier 1 Danger: Only specialized units may engage. Shoot on sight, do not attempt to apprehend.

Physical Appearance

Blonde hair
Blue eyes
Muscular build


Julius is naturally sarcastic and he never takes anything seriously. His life has been a Kafkaesque tragedy for as long as he can remember, so if he's not laughing at the horrible trauma he has endured, he's crying about it. Julius is highly intelligent, as his psychic abilities require intense mental training and exercise. He has been all around the world in search of the answer for why some people have meta human abilities. So far he hasn't found it, but he hasn't stopped looking. Lastly, Julius is deeply empathetic to fellow metas. He feels no real connection to non-powered people, especially given his not-so-amicable history with them.


Julius discovered his abilities at the age of 8, after which his father sheltered him away, deep in the Ozark Mountains. His father, Dalton, spent the intervening years giving Julius a tailored education which would rival most Ivy League colleges. Dalton trained Julius in math, navigation, history, language, mixed martial arts, popular culture, and in the fine tuning of his telekinetic abilities. Julius was always finding a new way to use them, and still to this day trains intensely, hoping to fully master his gifts.

Once Julius turned 18, he ventured into the world, against his father's wishes. Eventually, Julius' abilities were discovered by the government and they sent agents to capture him. During a night raid on their cabin, his father was killed. Julius then slaughtered the half dozen or so agents responsible. After this raid failed, the government sent over 600 men to their deaths trying to apprehend Julius. Julius established an underground network for metas, alongside an old friend named Ramone Bautista. For years he helped other metas hide from the agency, and to fund this operation Julius made many contacts in organized crime.

Then, on a day like any other, an otherwise oblivious engineer discovered that Julius' abilities work on a specific electromagnetic frequency. Upon this revelation, the government used special equipment to disrupt that frequency, rendering Julius powerless. He was subsequently apprehended in New Orleans, LA, after a 9 hour standoff. He remained in captivity for 4 years... until two more level 1's showed up. The agency released Julius to track down a electrical conduit and a shapeshifteru, after all other attempts failed. Julius was successful in his mission, and he captured the metahumans. After returning them to the agency, he realized his abilities were still working inside the facility, and thus discovered the device in his neck was somehow deactivated. He quickly escaped and hid for several months. After some time, Julius regretted turning Evie over to the Agency, so he found out where she was being held and executed a prison break. The rest is history.

Favourite Sayings (unless you're a mute)

"I never interrupt my opponents when they're making a mistake."

"You feel that? That's the sensation of your body being torn apart at a molecular level."

"Do you have to make it so easy?"

Favourite food (always essential.)


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