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Summary: Just a guy who is drawn to water

Sorley Millward

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Characters: Super human (fugitive)

Superpower (if Applicable)

Water manipulation, water breathing

Useful Skills

Thinks fast. Unfortunately his mouth is even faster.

Rank/Title (if Applicable)

Fast food worker

Meta Underground

Physical Appearance

Black hair
Blue eyes
5’11” 191 pounds

Has begun dying his hair red.


Loves swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, anything to do with water.
Unfortunately Sorley has an explosive, self-destructive temper.

His self-destructive temper has gotten better since meeting Gelf, but is still there. He is still dealing with a lot of childhood trauma.


The younger in a set of fraternal twins. He never knew his father. His mother was a drug addict so he and his sister grew up in the foster system. He was separated from his sister and some of the homes he wound up in were really, really bad. One of the worst homes was near a pond where he discovered his love of water, though it wouldn’t be until much later that he discovered his powers. After aging out of the system he reconnected with his sister. They barely knew each other anymore but decided to rent an apartment together.

Joined underground metas at Ringo's.

Moved to Gelf's Farm with his sister. He has grown closer to Kiana, and dating Gelf has been good for him.

He learned that his father is Gary Canestone, a rapist and serial killer, shortly before Canestone's death. Sorley looks a lot like his father so he has begun dying his hair red.

Helped 'free' Evie and bring her to Gelf's Farm. He loves her like a sister.

Favourite Sayings (unless you're a mute)

Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone.

Favourite food (always essential.)

Fish and chips

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Image of Sorley Millward
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