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Summary: The doctor for those who can't go to a hospital

Iasis Frisk

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Gender: Female

Age: 43

Group: Human (civilian)

Superpower (if Applicable)


Useful Skills

Emergency medicine

Rank/Title (if Applicable)


Physical Appearance

5'7", muscular. Black curly hair and brown eyes.


An adrenaline junkie with compassion.


For years Frisk rode around in an ambulance but wanted to do more. About a year ago she briefly worked for MegaCorps as a medic, expecting to save lives of those protecting the world from dangerous metas. Instead she found humans abusing and exploiting metas, and hardly any of the metas were actually dangerous.
The last straw was how callously MegaCorps soldiers treated one of their own metas who had spent three days being tortured by another meta. They would not allow her collar to be removed, even though it kept reopening the wounds. Frisk had to smuggle the girl medications because they did not think she was worth wasting resources on in case she died anyways. The girl was clearly traumatized but getting her any kind of therapy was out of the question.
By the time it was clear that the meta was going to survive, Frisk knew she had to get out of MegaCorps. She had gotten some very clear threats about what would happen next time she spent resources on a meta. She began to see that she could do more outside of MegaCorps than in it, and left. She did not give any notice, did not pick up her check, did not even clean out her locker. She just left. She felt guilty for abandoning the girl but she would be no use to her dead. Did not go home. She had no family to worry about. She was more or less on the run until she joined an underground meta organization. An allied baseline human can be useful, especially when they are physically strong and skilled in emergency medicine.

Frisk treated Evie, a lightning wielder who escaped MegaCorps.
Has met Cody, a unicorn meta who has regenerative healing abilities.
Went on a mission to steal gold from MegaCorps as a medic.

She has been reunited with Tzeitel, who has escaped MegaCorps.
Frisk does not get along with James. She has treated some of his victims and doubts that he has truly changed. The last time she treated James for burns and self mutilation she thought his remorse for his past was a good sign and advised him to apologize to his victims in letters. It would not be until months later that she would learn he would actually try to follow her advice.
Frisk continues working in the meta underground. She has done something she regrets, along with Delilah, locked Feng in solitary confinement until she went mad. Her actions were influenced by Iram, a meta with mind controlling powers, but she still carries that guilt.
Frisk had been working closely with Delilah on her property when nearly the entire place was leveled by quakes caused by Loreen destroying her labs and being attacked by monsters. Frisk was staying in safe houses with Delilah, Mark, Lyle and Juliet when Dr Chi, his wife and the pyro kids were murdered. Frisk had only planed on going up to the meta village long enough to break the bad news to Tzeitel, but has ended up taking up residence there.

Favourite Sayings (unless you're a mute)

How many fingers am I holding up?

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