JP - Monster for a Father

N1KK1 grimaced and covered her mouth. “That’s not Canestone…I know Canestone. He doesn’t look at people with that scared expression…” She whispered.

Tzeitel switched off her pheromones when Gelf teleported the target out of range. Canestone can disguise himself, he can act. When MegaCorps wasn’t delivering victims to him he had to persuade them to get into his car and shit. It’s Canestone!”

Piritta, the enduring, resilient Finn, took off running to the cottage she shared with Tzeitel.

“Tzeitel, I’ve worked with Sorley. He is not Canestone.” Frisk stuck her hand into her medbag, wondering if she was going to need one of her sedatives. “He can control water.”

“Fucking crazy bitch.” Kiana gasped, on her knees her face inches from Whisker’s hairball.

Sorley hugged Gelf’s knees, feeling sick and confused.

Gelf stroked Sorley’s hair and pried his arms off her knees so she could crouch down and hold him. “It’s okay, I’ve got you…” She whispered.

Klaire, hearing the commotion, had left V with the twins and gone to check on everything. “Tzeitel, what’s going on?” She called, catching wind of the pheromones and covering her nose as they blew away.

“Canestone!” Tzeitel pointed at the boy huddled with the pink haired girl. “Can’t you smell him?”

Piritta returned with Canestone’s file. “She needs less beer and more sauna.” Piritta muttered, setting the file on the hood of the car and started flipping through it.

Whiskers mewed pathetically and climbed onto Kiana’s shoulders. Kiana glared at the pheromone wielder.

“Can’t smell anything but fart spray,” Griffin grumbled, turning to N1KK1. “Are you okay? Maybe this isn’t a great idea.”

N1KK1 nodded to Griffin.

“Him?” Klaire pointed to Sorley. “He doesn’t smell like Canestone at all…” A confused expression was on her face as she looked him over. Yeah, he resembled the bastard, but he was obviously not him. This guy looked too young and smelled too different. Plus, he wouldn’t be cowering with a pink haired girl with “cat ears”.

Gelf glared at Tzeitel. “You do anything else to him, I will stab you!” She threatened.

Tzeitel looked at Klaire. “You’re sure it doesn’t smell like him? Maybe he finally took a bath or something.” For the first time Tzeitel began to think it really was not Canestone, she trusted Klaire and her enhanced senses.

Piritta started reading a page from Canestone’s file aloud. “Canestone has six known live offspring from five different women. Their names and ages follow:
Cayden Farley 4
Chiara Knight 12
Aaron Adkins 16
Annika Pacheco 17
Sorley Millward 18
Kiana Millward 18
Now calm the fuck down.” Piritta took a sip from her coffee.

“What?!” Kiana demanded.

Sorley was slowly starting to recover.

Gelf helped Sorley to his feet and got him to the car where she grabbed a bottle of water for him. “It’s okay,” She soothed.

Klaire let out a sigh. She had thought for a moment that Canestone had reared his ugly head and was attacking her friends. The sharp knife in her hand was going to be used on his eyes if she saw him, but it was, thankfully, just one of his sons. Wait…one of his sons? Poor kid has a monster for a father.

N1KK1 calmed and turned to look at everyone. “We all chill now?!” She asked stiffly.

Tzeitel looked at the file then looked at Sorley. She felt really, really terrible. He looked just like Canestone, only less cruel. Sure he looked younger than Canestone but Canestone could manipulate his skin and look any age he wanted to. “I’m really sorry.” Apologizing felt inadequate.

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