JP - Moving Inside

Kiana grabbed the file. “Where the hell did this come from? My birth certificate has a blank spot for father, Sorley’s too. Gelf! They’re saying this piece of shit you came to help them catch is the same piece of shit that knocked up my mother.”

Sorley used his powers to splash water from the bottle on his face and rinse out his mouth before drinking. He was barely listening to what was going on around him. He was in recovery mode.

Frisk put the syringe away in her bag. She noticed that Klaire was holding a knife. Good thing Klaire was not prone to panicking.

“You surrrre you’re okay?” Griffin whispered again, still holding N1KK1 protectively.

Gelf gave him a second bottle of water once he was done with the first and walked him to where the others were. “Wait, Canestone is your father?” She asked. “I kind of wish we didn’t know…” Her hand was absently rubbing Sorley’s back.

Klaire fiddled with the knife. “I’m gonna go let V know everything is okay.” She said before leaving, face a dark red.

N1KK1 sighed. “I want to sit down.” She said, holding her stomach.

Tzeitel’s shoulders slumped. “I’m really sorry.” She apologized again, beginning to give off anti-nausea pheromones to combat what she had done. “I really thought you were him.” She told Sorley.

Sorley blearily blinked at Tzeitel and turned his head into Gelf’s shoulder. “I’m really sick and just hallucinated all of this, right?”

Kiana was flipping through Canestone’s file. His picture looked more than a little like Sorley. “What a sick motherfucker.” She said when she came across the photos of his lair.

Gelf actually had a sick look on her face and held Sorley close. “I’m sorry to say it all was real, handsome.” She frowned deeply. “We have got to kill this guy.”

N1KK1 nodded to the others as Griffin helped her sit on the steps. “That’s why we called you, Gelf!”

Sorley groaned and sat on the ground. The nausea was leaving him at least.

“Really sick shit.” Kiana said in horrified fascination, staring at the file, giving too much detail about how he tortured one of his few surviving victims. “I think I want a paternity test… twins can have separate fathers… no offense Sorley, you’re still my brother but I don’t want anything to do with- he shook a jar of teeth at her so she wouldn’t bite, jesus fucking christ.”

“I’ve been getting better about controlling my powers… but I have no excuse here. I’m sorry… I won’t do it again.” Tzeitel’s hands and voice shook a little.

Frisk knelt next to Sorley to make sure he was recovering.

Gelf let Kiana look through the file as she sat down and kept rubbing Sorley’s back. “Is the nausea going away?” She asked softly.

N1KK1 tilted her head. “Maybe we should all move inside and find seats?” She suggested.

“No one sprays anything!” Griffin warned, helping NiNi to her feet. He settled her on the couch, then brought every available chair including an outside picnic bench to make room. He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall nearest to N1KK1.

Sorley nodded, already starting to feel better. Though it was humiliating to vomit so hard in front of an audience.

“Using your anti-nausea pheromones?” Frisk asked Tzeitel.

Tzeitel nodded quietly.

Frisk, probably with Gelf’s help, got Sorley back on his feet and inside. She could see that Tzeitel was well on her way to a panic attack so she grabbed a bottle of water and got the pollen from her and mixed it up for her. Then she turned her attention to N1kk1. “Are you feeling alright after that?”

Kiana carried the file inside, Whiskers curled across her shoulders.

Piritta wandered in, miraculously wearing jeans now.

Gelf stayed with Sorley, wanting to make sure he was okay. She had not expected an assault the moment they arrived and worried this might set him back a bit. She had been trying so hard to help him feel more confident in himself.

N1KK1 shifted and smiled at everyone. “So…how do you want to do this?”

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