JP - Sorley looks like a-

“I know everyone here, but most of you have never met each other before… Perhaps introductions?” Frisk suggested

Tzeitel was too restless to sit, she huddled in a corner drinking her pollen water.

“I’m Kiana Millward. I can communicate telepathically with animals. I grew up in the foster system because my mother is a crack whore and my father is a rapist.” Kiana was still reading the file and stopped on a photo of Tzeitel taken shortly after being rescued. She was wrapped in a medic’s jacket and emergency blankets. Her neck was black with cuts, bruises and blood and wearing the collar. Her eyes looked out from hell. “Oh.”

Gelf patted Sorley on the back. “You wanna go next or me?” She whispered to him.

“You can go.” Sorley whispered, nervously looking around, avoiding eye contact. The water in his bottle swirled.

Gelf stroked his hair to help him stay calm and leaned back. “I’m Gelf and I can teleport short distances. I was part of the Nikki Project until I left the lab. Now I’m just…me!” She shrugged with a perky smile.

“Griffin,” Griffin said gruffly. “Audio kinetic, and an Aquarius.”

N1KK1 shifted and sipped her decaf coffee. “N1KK1, but pronounce it like Nikki. I create crystals, but I won’t be going out to fight with you since I’m…” She gently patted her stomach.

“Pregnant,” Griffin finished, to clarify just in case.

“I’m Sorley… I can control water.” He self consciously realized he was still swirling the water in his bottle, blushed and stopped.

“I’m Tzeitel. I can manipulate pheromones and I’m sorry for fucking up out there.” Tzeitel said stiffly.

“I’m Piritta. They say I’m a meta but I’m really just Finnish.” Piritta had finished her coffee and looked at the pot of decaf. She looked offended to the core.

Gelf shrugged. “So long as you promise not to do it again.” She said and smiled at Sorley.

N1KK1 shifted in place and just watched everyone.

“My parents sucked too.” Tzeitel touched her neck scars.

Kiana looked from the file to Tzeitel, noticing the neck scars. “We have a friend with scars like that. Sometimes she can be a little…” Kiana shrugged. “But if you attack my brother again I will kill you.”

Tzeitel hunched her shoulders as if to hide the neck scars and nodded.

Sorley felt uncomfortable, his eyes trailing to the file his sister was reading was not helping matters. He shifted in his chair.

Gelf looked at Kiana, thankful she didn’t say much about Evie. The girl didn’t like people knowing too much after all. She let Sorley lean against her. “What’s wrong?” She whispered.

N1KK1 let out a breath. “Why don’t we talk about how to deal with Canestone?” She suggested, trying to get off the subject of assaulting siblings.

“I look like a rapist.” Sorley whispered back to Gelf.

“Last time I faced him my nauseating pheromones worked… but unless I can have Colt using his wind to control where the pheromones go everyone is going to be throwing up too.” Tzeitel said.

“Then let’s try not using that one again,” Griffin offered. “Especially around someone that just spent months with morning sickness.”

N1KK1 elbows Griffin playfully. “Shush, you,” She said with a smile.

“I can try drowning him in whatever this piss is.” Piritta held up the pot of decaf.

Griffin chuffed apologetically. “It’s called being supportive!”

“We can try tracking down that special sedative Colt found.” Frisk offered.

N1KK1 sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Does he even remember where he got that?” She asked.

Frisk looked to Tzeitel.

“I don’t know.” Tzeitel admitted. “I’ll ask him.”

“Riley seemed to do a damn good job,” Griffin offered. “There was an upload.”

“River’s going to pop any second now. I don’t think Riley is going to leave her side.” Tzeitel said, “That video was really good though.” Tzeitel had set the sound of Riley speed punching Canestone’s nuts as an alert noise on her phone. Everytime she got a text she heard it and it made her smile.

“Lucky man,” Griffin said, hardly able to wait to meet his own little unknown. “If this was a regular op, we’d need more of a plan than drown him in decaf or drugs.”

“Griffin has a point,” N1KK1 said with a nervous chuckle. “I know you’ll want Colt to go along, but is there anyone else?”

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