Now let's all feel REALLY REALLY CALM

Tensions were high. Intel stated that there was an illegal superpowered person in this forest. Yet they had found no trace of them. The rain had not helped matters. It finally stopped raining, but it left puddles and mud everywhere.

Tzeitel was tempted to use her power to calm everyone down. The only reason she did not use her power on the team was to save it for their target- she did not want to face a super powered person without her full powers. So instead Tzeitel kept her head down, kept quiet and stayed out of the way. There was nothing they could do until the target was located. She hated that she was here under these circumstances- trying to find and capture someone like herself, with a bunch of people keeping her a prisoner and having to wear that collar. Tzeitel lightly touched the collar with a fingertip to lift it off her shoulders for a moment, shrugged her shoulders, then gently settled the collar down again. She was so afraid of the damned thing getting triggered and shocking her, paralyzing her, or killing her. If she was here without a capture team and wasn't wearing the collar this forest might be a beautiful place to explore, even in the rain.

But of course Tzeitel wasn't there for a recreational hike. So this was not at all enjoyable. She could hear some of the crankier members of the team berating the tracker. Tzeitel did not think the tracker was failing to find the target on purpose, Tzeitel knew all too well how failure was punished and that the tracker had already experienced it for herself. Tzeitel began to think about using her powers to get them to lay off the tracker, they were sounding cruel and she thought she could hear the tracker whimpering. Maybe just a touch of her powers to calm them down, so light they would not even realize she was using her powers on them-

Too late. The grumblings suddenly turned to screaming. Tzeitel did not know what was happening but she reacted the same way she did back when she was a child getting beat up by her parents, what had become a reflex to being startled ever since her time with Gary Canestone- she sent out a wave of powerful calming pheremones. Everyone in her radius would suddenly get a sense of <I feel REALLY CALM right now! I don't feel the least bit angry, I am so calm I don't want to hurt anyone. What a WONDERFUL CALM feeling.>

Despite the calming pheremones Tzeitel was releasing, she felt anything but calm. Her already large eyes were wide open. Her mouth was dry. Her heart was pounding. She wanted to turn and run but running away would eventually trigger her collar. Against her better judgement Tzeitel headed towards where the screams had come from, still giving off waves of calming pheromones.

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