Let Nice Guy Live

For a long moment Klaire feels a strange calm overcome her, but at the back of her mind she does not want this. She wants to run, to escape and disappear like she always wanted to for so long. Sadly, she knows this isn't possible because they always find her again. She would be locked up and tormented if she runs again.

Honestly, she did not intend to attack or harm anyone. That is not her nature, but instincts took over and she began to slaughter the men with the intentions of handing her over to the real monsters. At least she considers them the real monsters.

Turning her gaze to the newcomer that is calming her, Klaire frowns. "Stay our of my head." She says bluntly, not realizing how rude her words sound. It irritates her that she gets like this, but she does not appreciate having someone "control" how she feels.

Klaire would apologize later when she realizes how rude she must sound, but for now she has a bunch of monstrous men to deal with. Pulling her bow out, she notches an arrow and let's it loose on another soldier that goes falling to the ground.

"Don't hurt him." She tells Tzeitel, gesturing to Nice Guy. "He isn't bad." With a twist of her body, dog ears twitching at every sound, she goes into a crouch a shoots another man trying to run away.

They are almost done because this was not a very big team. All that would be left is a single man, the one she calls Nice Guy.

(OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I've been busy moving and from here on out, Morphy514 will play Klaire for me. She knows my writing style. Thank you so much for your patience.)

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