Home.. A recon report.

William Bax looked up at Marcus disappointingly.

"Plants? Are we sure we want someone like that on our team?"

"Well sir, I think that we could benefit from a diverse team at our disposal." Marcus looked through the stacks of paper that made up the report about the girl named River Vallerin. "Haven't you ever thought about after this endeavor sir?"

William stared at Marcus from under his hat suspicious like. He responded with a resounding. "No."

Marcus Continued, "You see sir I have been thinking, If lets say we hired this River Vallerin she might come in handy in our agricultural part of the business. Perhaps we may be able to use her super powers to boost growth rates and limit the wait time for crop maturity?" Marcus looked at William awaiting his reply.

Again, suspiciously William looked at Marcus and shook his head and spoke. "I'll tell you what. Keep the agent watching this River. I want to know what she can really do, what she is capable of. Then, we can discuss inviting her to join."

Marcus stepped up and took the file off of William's desk with a shifty smile. "Thank you sir, very wise as always." he said as he turned to walk towards the door. His steps halted by Williams voice.

"Geezus, can you imagine? This River and that Banana boy on the same team?"

"No sir," Marcus smiled. "That thought never crossed my mind."

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