The click on his door was followed by an "ohshitohshitohshit" from the antagonistic guard. Gary looked up from his meal, the door looked like it was open a crack.
Well this is interesting. I don't think it's supposed to be like that. Gary had been sitting by the door as he ate so he had only to reach and push the door the rest of the way open.

Gary jumped to his feet. He did not know why the door was open but judging from the sounds of chaos his cell was not the only one to open, and there was a proper riot going on with the other inmates. Gary grinned. He wrapped his burger and fries in the paper placemat on his tray and stuffed the food in his pocket. He had only taken a few bites of the burger and still had most of the fries. Whether the food was drugged or just freezer burnt he might need something to eat when he escaped and had to be on the run again. If the food was drugged- he would not mind drugging a future victim until he reached a lair. He stuffed the water bottle in the other pocket.

"Is that a prison lunch in your pockets or are you just happy to get out?" Gary asked himself, tipping the cup of diet soda on the floor.

He looked both ways before exiting his cell. The guard was running away like he had messed himself. Gary chased him and knocked him to the floor. He pinned the guard down and tore through his pocket and belt, grabbing whatever resembled a key.

"Which way is out?" Gary demanded. "Tell me now and I won't kill you!"

The guard wailed and pointed in a direction that looked like it could be towards an exit. Gary probably should have picked the guard up and made him lead him to an exit but with all the adrenaline and excitement he accidentally broke his neck. It was the direction the guard had been running so maybe he was telling the truth.

Gary left the dead guard and began walking swiftly towards the direction the guard indicated. He realized that the other inmates were super powered like himself and did not want to fight someone who could fight back. He wanted to find Tzeitel and get back at her for betraying him but thought she and a capture team would come after him if he got out of here.

He spotted a girl with pale skin and for a moment thought he would not have to wait long to settle his debts with Tzeitel- but once he got a closer look his heart sank. Not Tzeitel, barely looked like her at all, shorter and silver hair? Why are kids dying their hair silver now? Gary wondered.

"Woodstock '99 all over again- but you're too young to remember that, huh?" Gary asked.

Tzeitel touched her neck where the collar had been and nearly cried. Off. Free. She gave the collar a kick away from herself, she wanted to destroy it like she felt like it had destroyed her or at least bury it but there was no time for that. Wait- Klaire was apologizing to her?

"What- no, it's ok. It's not right what I can do to people, control how they're feeling like that. I've been told off worse. I might've deserved it that time." Damnit, a tear escaped her. She scrubbed her eyes quickly with a sleeve. Klaire asked if she was ok. Ha. Tzeitel wanted to laugh, cry and scream all at once, but was being good right now about not using her powers. "I'm... better I think. We gotta get out of here. I don't want to think what they'll do if they catch us again. C-c'mon."

Tzeitel started running, not slowing until they were some yards away from what remained of the team. She looked back at Klaire. "Hey, you have better senses- you should know the best ways to go, yeah? Y-you should lead."

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