Running Is All The Rage!

(Apologies for not posting sooner. I've been busy the past few days with cleaning out a building in the backyard of my mother's house for her. Plus, the weekend is also family time for me.)

Evie heard Gary before she saw him and turned her pale blue eyes to hime. A slight frown formed upon her face as she took a step back from him. With everything she had been through, she feared letting anyone within an arms length. "Why are you looking at me like that?" She inquired and finally reached up to grab at the collar around her neck.

Surprisingly, she was able to pull it off and dropped the contraption to the floor just as she heard a familiar voice come from the intercoms. "Julius...?" She whispered as memories swam through her mind. They both brought joy and terror to her and she had to come back from it all.

Returning her attention to Gary, she asked, "Do you know how to get out of here? If not, is there a map somewhere?"

She would not be locked up again.


Just as Tzeitel began to run, Klaire looked back at the cook for a moment. "Tell them we forced you to get the collars off." She told him before rushing off to catch up with her new companion. They traveled a bit, hopping over logs and ducking under low tree limbs.

That's when they stopped and the girl told her to lead the way.

Shocked, Klaire stood there for a long moment to think this through. "Well, hm...?" She murmured and recalled someone. "Okay." She nodded and gently took Tzeitel's hand. "If we need to slow down or stop, tell me. I don't mind."

And with that, she pulled her companion along and deeper into the forest, slowly making their way. They moved at a quick pace, passing deer and even a wolf at one point that just watched them go. Most animals ignored Klaire for the most part, seeing her as some apex predator. She did not wish for that to be, but as a human with heightened senses, she was far more dangerous than any wolf.

After what felt like hours, they arrived to a clearing where a small cottege/house was. The occupant of said home was obviously not home, but it was the place she had expected. "This is where River Vallerin lives. They wanted me to hunt her, but..." A blush crossed Klaire's face because she had been purposely leading those men in the wrong direction. If there was anyone who did not deserve pain, it was River.

So, where was she?


River stood at her stall in town, frowning. No one was buying her products and this worried her. Did it mean she had been found out? Did everyone know what she was?

"You sell strawberries?" A masculine voice inquired.

Looking up, River's blood ran cold. The dark outfit was a solid giveaway, but he was leaning forward, looking over her and taking in all the tiny details that made her up.

"Hello, River Vallerin." The MegaCorp Thug said with a cold grin.

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