Pandora's Necklaces

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"You're just the first person I've seen who has not been holding me captive for months." Gary put on his most disarming smile, though he felt like he had won the lottery.

"I'm Gary, nice to meet you Evie. The guard who gave me these said that the way out is that way." He held up the keys, fob, wallet, coins, lighter and other pocket junk he had taken from the guard up and nodded in the direction he had been headed when he came across the girl.

Gary tugged on his own collar, to his annoyance it did not come off easily and he had to follow the instructions given on the intercom- which was awkward as hell but he finally got the collar off. He tossed his collar aside, cracked his neck and let his skin cycle through a variety of textures and colors including neon orange. "Ah, that feels good."
Gary let his skin settle back on his natural skin tone, only much thicker, especially over his still bare feet. He wondered what powers this girl had, hopefully not more powerful than himself. Nah, no way this little girl could be more powerful than him.

"Come with me? Two of us together would have a better chance of getting out together than each of us alone."


Tzeitel's eyes widened in surprise, she had thought Klaire really could not find their target's trail, especially after getting punished for it.

"You're str-stronger than I am." Tzeitel said, impressed.

She had helped capture so many she was not convinced needed to be captured just to avoid the pain. She touched a scar on her neck left by that damned collar and realized her hands were shaking. She clenched her hands into fists, willing the shaking to stop knowing that would not work. Ever since Canestone she went through this after any bit of stress. She restlessly paced around the cabin, trying to force her voice to be steady but it shook too.

"She's g-gone. Did she kn-know we were c-coming and clear ou-out for good?" Tzeitel clenched her jaw, irritated with herself for being like this. Anyone versed in PTSD would realize she was coming off an adrenaline rush, but Tzeitel just saw it as another sign of going crazy like the nightmares and flashbacks. Even my damned teeth are starting to chatter. Get it the **** together. Tzeitel told herself.

"C-can you tr-track her?" Tzeitel asked,. struggling to appear calm.

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