To Escape Or Not To Escape

Evie grimaced when she saw Gary try to pull off his collar. Without thinking, she reached toward his neck, fingers brushing the device, and sent a little jolt of electricity through it that would short circuit it. Realizing too late what she was doing, the silver haired girl jerked her hand away, a blush forming on her pale face. "Sorry," She murmured. "You can take it off now."

Once they met up with Julius, her heart began to pound and a cold sweat washed over her. It had been some time since they had last seen each other and that old crush came flooding back. Sadly, it was dampened by slight anger, which quickly dissipated. The anger she held towards him was hard to keep when he came back and helped with her release from this hell.

"We should get as far away from here as possible." She told both Gary and Julius before glancing back toward where she and her new friend had come from. "They'll be after all of us soon and try to gain control again..."

She knew all too well how much these monsters loved to be in control. The new scars hidden beneath her clothing were proof enough of that.

So, when Julius ushered them to follow, she did not hesitate.


Klaire was looking around in the cabin, trying to find anything useful that could help them - more precisely, something that could help Tzeitel. If there was one thing the dog eared girl understood was the panic and anxiety formed by PTSD. Years of training and being forced to do things she hated had given her the strength to fight through the fear, but she knew others were not so lucky.

Finding some medication that appeared to be homemade, she sniffed at it and and set the bottle aside. Grabbing a glass, she filled it with water and added some of the medicine. It was powder and would mix well, leaving no taste.

Going to Tzeitel, she offered the glass to her. "Drink this," She stated in as calm a voice as she could make. "It will help you calm down."

"C-can you tr-track her?" Tzeitel asked,. struggling to appear calm.

Shaking her head, Klaire offered the glass again. "We shouldn't risk going looking for her at the time." She explained. "Plus, I want to find the first-aid kit and get a good look at your neck. Seems some of the wounds are not as well healed as they should be. I don't want you getting an infection."

It was not that she didn't care to find River. No, it had nothing to do with that, but she also understood the need to calm down after what had happened. To her, Tzeitel's mental state was far more important than chasing down another one of their kind.

"Try to sit down and take slow deep breaths." She suggested and offered the other girl a kind smile.


It took only a moment for River to calculate what she needed to do, but in her mind it felt like time had frozen the moment the man spoke. "No," she whispered and began to pull off a glove.

"Not so fast, girlie." The man snarled and grabbed her arm with a bare hand.

Bad move. She thought as vines instantly began to burst from the man's hand, ripping through skin, flesh, and bone as they twisted up along his arm. Jerking herself free, she quickly turned and began to run down the shopping district.

She could only hope to reach the forest before someone caught up to her.

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