Tzeitel gets to feel really really calm

Gary followed Julius to the deck. He liked the girl's idea of "We should get as far away from here as possible." Gary did not like not being the one in control and hated having others in control of him.

Gary looked at the boat. More than big enough for the three of them but did not look like it could hold more than half a dozen people. But the way Julius talked Gary expected there to have been a helicopter for Julius and the girl, but there was just the dinghy. "So what, you can fly? And the girl is electric or something?"

Tzeitel's mouth was dry so she did not hesitate to drink what Klaire gave her with a murmured "Thanks." She had been so focused on trying to pull herself together she did not notice Klaire adding anything to the water, otherwise she might have at least asked what Klaire was giving her before gulping it down. The way Tzeitel was feeling she was not opposed to drugging herself and wished she was not immune to her own powers. If she could use her own powers on herself she'd happily use her calming pheromones on herself every day.

"Try to sit down and take slow deep breaths."

Tzeitel did not feel like sitting down, she felt restless and wanted to keep moving. The other girl's kindness was throwing her off too. She was more used to other people impatiently screaming at her to "Just calm down!" when she got like this.

Just stop being like this. Tzeitel told herself. You're safe now, damnit. You got away from Canestone. You got away from the organization. You even got out of the collar.

Tzeitel forced herself to perch on the edge of a chair. She fidgeted with the glass and tried to slow her breathing like Klaire had told her. She had not even noticed how fast her breathing had been and felt dizzy. Her fingers tightened around the glass until she was afraid she'd break it so she set the glass on the floor. Her fingers moved to the scars on her neck. It had been years since her neck had been free of the collar.

"He tried to get the collar off me, I thought he was going to break my neck trying to pull it off." Tzeitel said, the medicine in the drink was starting to work its magic. "They wouldn't take the collar off to treat the wounds so they never got to heal. Damned collar ended up digging into the wounds whenever they started to heal."

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