What To Do Next

Klaire listens and watches Tzeitel, letting the girl get everything off her shoulders. If there was one thing the dog eared woman understood best, it was stress from being forced into a hell that a person did not wish to be locked into. During the conversation, she found the first-aid kit and a few jars with medicinal names that she recognized.

Going to Tzeitel, she set everything on the table next to the girl. "I understand," She finally said, gesturing to her own scars around her neck. "I just learned to ignore the pain over the years. You become desensitized when you're raised by those monsters." Opening the first-aid kit, she assessed everything in it and was surprised to see River had kept it well stocked. "This makes things a lot easier."

Grabbing a few things, she opened a sanitizing wipe. "This will sting," She wanted Tzeitel and began to gently wipe along the other girl's neck. The pain would be a stinging sensation, but it was a sign that the wipe was doing it's job of cleaning the wound.

Once done, she grabbed up the jar that appeared to have a salve in it. Carefully applying it to Tzeitel's neck, she asked, "What do you want to do now that you're free? Is there anything in particular you want? We can try getting it while we're under the radar. That guard won't snitch on us. He's...he's always helped when he can." Grabbing some white bandages, she wrapped it around Tzeitel's neck and gently taped it into place.


Evie looked back at Gary for a brief moment before Julius pressed her close to him. That blush upon her face returned and she almost didn't catch what he said. Before she could respond, though, they were in the air and she had to cling tightly to him. The young woman had never been a big fan of heights, but in his tight embrace, she felt almost safe.

It would take time for her to truly trust Julius fully again, but she could never hate him. He had only done what needed doing back then and she had come to understand that during her time in that dark room.

When they landed and he set her down, which was surprisingly gentle, she found herself turning to face him and blurting out, "I already forgave you!" The heat that was at her face felt so hot she was sure she must look like a tomato with silver-white hair. "A-anyway, uhm...thank you, Julius. I know you must feel guilt over what you did, but...you can't be too hard on yourself. You were only doing what you needed to in order to gain your freedom."

A part of her knew she shouldn't be so forgiving so easily, but Evie was someone who gave people second chances. It was why she had trusted Max back then. Saving him had earned her a friend. She often found herself wondering if he and Astra were okay, but she never found the heart to ask.

"Anyway, where to now?" She asked and finally realized that all she wore was a pair of cheap gray pants and shirt two sizes too big. There were new scars around her neck where the collar had been and she dared not think about all the healing wounds on her body. It would take time to heal from the hell she had endured.

"I don't have anywhere to go." She finally told Julius.

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