Now that you're free, now what?

"I was raised by monsters too... momzers..." that was a phrase a distant relative had used, uncle? One of her parents cousins? "My parents loved being angry, spent all their time finding something wrong with me to get mad about, or watching TV looking for something to get worked up about and somehow made it my fault. My parents figured out what I was doing to them and turned me in when I was 11 and I got collared. I was almost used to the collar until Canestone messed with it."

Tzeitel looked at her surroundings. River had used this place to hide from the world. Unlike Canestone's hideout that he used to torture and kill people, River had made it a home. She wasn't hurting anyone, she just wanted to be left alone. "I'm glad you led the team away from her. River doesn't deserve to be caught by them... Hardly any of the people I helped them catch deserved it. Except Canestone," Tzeitel's shudder had little to do with the sting from the antiseptic. "They should have killed that sick bastard when they had the chance. He'll do it again."

Tzeitel felt thirsty again so she picked up the glass, but it was empty. She considered Klaire's last question, turning the glass in her hands but more thoughtful than fidgety now. She had wanted to be free her whole life but never thought about what she would do, it had seemed so impossible. "I don't know. I know what I don't want to do. I don't ever want to catch another person like us again... What do you want to do?"

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