Julius sighed a little when Evie said she forgave him. He never wanted to be used against his own kind, and he's sorry that Evie paid the price for his desperation.

"Thank you for that, Evie." He said as he straightened his blazer and collar. Flying wasn't the best environment for an Armani three piece.

"We'll go to my friend's place. He has a network to help people like you and me. He's someone we can trust, I've been staying with him these last few months. But right now, we need to hide so I can rest. I'm starting to get migraines. Carrying you while flying put a strain on my abilities. I've never flown that far with someone else before. I fear if we take off again, I'll pass out mid flight and we'll likely plummet to our deaths." Julius replied, his voice decidedly lower in tone than when he spoke on the prison raft.

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